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Technology enthusiasts and professional craftsmen have seen over the years as the world has changed and the mobile sector has become to get as complete terminal as the Iphone .
Its sale is massive and everyone is equal
This situation led us to imagine how to differentiate our mobile mixing creativity and tradition.
So our activity emerged a young company specializing in the manufacture of housings or cases Iphone 4/4s olive wood .
Unique in our country , we work from the province of Jaén, olive cradle par excellence , to offer an exclusive , elegant and different product.
Its uniqueness lies in a painstaking process where , due to the material used , each and every piece is unique .
This wood tied to a simplicity and elegance in the design fulfills the mission of DOC CASES : Dress up your iPhone with a truly unique and above all , natural quality .
From here we begin our producion adiversificar to other sectors such as Perspex and large format digital printing , for here was born the idea of creating an online store Shopdoccases which offer all nuestos products and services in the client's hand .